DS4U Fair Trading

Over the years Fair Trading has become a growing issue for companies involved in Cross-Border trading.  As a result companies were coming under increasing pressure to ensure good working conditions for the people who produce the goods they sell. Our ethical sourcing strategy revolves around a “code of practice” setting out the minimum labour standards that we expect our suppliers to comply with. We strive to buy only from reputable manufacturers and wherever possible.

We manufacture the majority of our furniture at our Blackburn warehouse.  However there are some items we dont have the capacity to manufacture on-site therefore we source them from traditional manufacturers abroad namely Italy, Sweden & Malaysia. We make regular visits to the production units both to monitor business activities and work with our suppliers in developing new ranges and continuously improving quality. By developing a long term relationship with our suppliers, we can work together to provide:

  • Fair wages for all employees
  • Equal opportunities for both men and women
  • Good working conditions
  • Protection against the employment or exploitation of minors
  • Sustainable sourcing of all wood products
  • Increased environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Ongoing orders with the timely payment for all goods providing stability and security
  • The mutual opportunity to grow and develop our businesses


With regards to the UK side of our operation, we concentrate on :

  • Minimising our waste and recycling as much as is reasonably possible, including all cardboard and supporting our local Community Resource Centre.
  • Using recycled packaging materials wherever possible.
  • Providing a comfortable and enjoyable working environment for our colleagues.

To summarise, we’re running an expanding business and while we’re not perfect, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental and ethical practices.

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