Easy Tips to For A Budget Home Makeover

For many of us, we’re always on a budget. Whether that’s food shopping, out for a meal, a night out… whatever. We set a limit and we try to stick to it. So why shouldn’t the same be said for our homes?

If you’re looking to give your home a quick and easy facelift but want to limit the pennies that you spend on it, look no further because we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to inject that little slice of glam into your forever home without breaking the bank.



Mirrors are probably one of the best accessories you can utilise in your home. Not only do they completely open up the space, reflecting light and making a small room appear larger but they also make it brighter too. When positioned across from a window, they reflect the light around the room and therefore make it look more expensive.

Some people utilise mirrors in dark corridors or on their landings; this is great for those poorly lit nooks and crannies where you don’t want to invest in an expensive feature like spotlights or strip lighting.



Murals or artwork are a perfect way to instantly give a room more character. Relatively inexpensive, murals act like a wallpaper and are designed to go over one feature wall in order to give the illusion of space, provide an arty backdrop or even just instil some colour into an otherwise plain space.

Similarly, artwork can work to add depth and extra elements into the room. An easy way to use colour, consider going to your local second-hand or charity store and find some colourful pieces that act as accentuating colours to your existing colour scheme.


Who doesn’t love a good candle? Not only do they smell great but they also act as a pretty centrepiece for any sideboards or coffee tables. Plus, they’re so cheap you can almost definitely find a sweet-tasting bargain at your local home ware store.

If you’re feeling super crafty, why not create your own embellishments and spend a weekend creating some pretty amazing candle holders. With candles in just about every colour and size, you’ll never be short on DIY projects to take on!



Instead of splurging on new goods, why not take a look in other rooms to see if there are any accessories or dainty finishes that would look good in your living room? Taking a fresh look at your home can sometimes help us to see that some items would be better off elsewhere and the same applies for your attic, too!

Take a trip up to the attic one weekend and have a rummage around to see if there’s anything you can renew or repurpose with a fresh lick of paint to add to your living space.

Got an old chest of drawers up there? Give them a lick of white paint, do a spot of sanding and you’ll have yourself a shabby chic dresser in no time!

Go Second-Hand

For those of us that don’t have any extra ‘bits’ lying around, be sure to check out your local second-hand furniture shop or charity shop. These shops are a treasure trove for one-off items that can be used throughout your home. All you need is a little scope and imagination and you can pick up a serious bargain!


How do you decorate on a budget? Have you got any cheap and easy ways to update your living space? Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!


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