How to Choose a Housewarming Gift for Anyone

There’s always a certain panic and anxiety when it comes to your friends, family members or colleagues telling you they’re moving into a new home. Sure, the housewarming party may be fun but when it comes to buying gifts what if you get it completely wrong?

Do they need it? Do they have it? Should you just stick to the bog-standard voucher?

On one hand, you want to choose something that’s useful and will come in handy for years to come but then on the other hand you don’t want it to be too handy otherwise it could end up in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about!

Here are some simple tips on ensuring you choose the best housewarming gift for just about anyone – each and every time!

Steer Clear of the Obvious

Think about it. How many people will go for the toasters, the kettles and even maybe the shiny, new cutlery sets but it’s probably wiser to steer clear of these. That way, you’re avoiding the chance that they may already have it.

Then again, think about the reasons behind why they’re moving into a new home. Is it family circumstances? Because, in that case they may be looking for help with appliances and kitchen essentials, in which case double check with other friends before buying and ALWAYS give a gift receipt.

Buy a Gift That Suits Both

If your friend or relative is moving into their first home with a significant other, it’s important to choose a gift for the both of them. It may feel good to gift something that’s personal to you or that means a lot to you or even that reminds you of memories you share with one of them – but save that for their birthday.


Don’t Give Cash!

Cash and vouchers are such a copout and really make it clear that you haven’t thought about this housewarming at all. Put yourself in their shoes – what can you offer them that they wouldn’t think of buying themselves.

Does the new home have a garden? Perhaps a gardening set so they can hone in on their new found responsibility! Are they planning on redecorating? Perhaps you can gift them some DIY books and a starter toolkit!

Brand new bed linen is a great gift to buy someone starting out – you can never have enough bedding and it’s a little more thoughtful than a simple voucher.


Don’t Worry About the Cost

Bigger is not always better. Sometimes, a small yet thoughtful gift can mean just as much to someone (and come in more useful than the larger, more expensive gifts!) so try not to worry about cost.

Buy what you can afford and if you can’t afford much, consider making something or even gifting them something unusual – like your time. Let them know you’ll be happy to housesit, petsit or babysit for when they feel like they need a break and a night off away from home! Or, for eager knitters, make some cutesy cushion covers to place on their bed or couch.

What great housewarming gifts have you given? Be sure to let us know by getting in touch through Facebook or Twitter.


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