Itchy Sofa

Recent media reports have highlighted that some of you had experience of a horrific skin reaction since buying leather sofas from some major high street retailers. The sofas to blame were all manufactured by a Chinese company.

Customers have suffered serious injuries who bought Pia and Bari Sofas from major retailers Argos, Land of Leather and Walmsley’s Furnishing. The sofas are manufactured in China. A number of both Argos and Walmsley’s Furnishings customers have experienced skin allergies, rashes and burns as a result of a reaction caused by possible chemicals applied to the surface of the sofas, resulting in painful blisters and sores, in some cases requiring medical attention and hospital treatment.

Designer Sofas4u Sofas are all handcrafted and manufactured in the UK. We can boast that our Chesterfield Range is manufactured in our factory complex in the North West. From our tub chair and footstool range to our wing chairs and traditional chesterfield sofas,

Our Italian sofa range is manufactured in Italy the best place in the world for quality real leather sofas (after Britain of course.)

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