Just How Clean is Your Living Room?

Our living rooms are undoubtedly the busiest rooms of our households. Family and friends come together to sit, talk, laugh, relax and spend time together so your couch inevitably has to deal with a lot of bums, food and spills whilst the floor can be subject to some serious grime.

So just how clean is your living room?

Studies suggest that your TV remote can be one of the dirtiest items in your home with over half testing positive for cold viruses making it a hotbed for germs and viruses. Furthermore, living room floors are a haven for dust mites, mould spores and pet allergens whilst soft furnishings can hide pet hair, dust and germs.

It may be easy to forget to thoroughly clean a living room, especially as we tend to consider other rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen as the most unhygienic however following a few simple tips can ensure your living space is kept fresher for longer and ultimately, a happier place to relax in.

Soft Fabrics

Soft fabrics can collect dust easily so it’s important to remember to hoover and clean these to limit the production of bacteria. Where possible, choose loose covers that are machine-washable for seat covers and pillows. If this is not possible, place a loose throw over your sofa – not only will it protect the fabric underneath but you can easily pop it in the wash at a moment’s notice!


Artwork, photographs and lampshades are all a haven for dust and so ensure you wipe these clean once a week at least before the dust becomes airborne. Use dust-collecting wipes to wipe these down as this will help to limit the spread of dust.


Decluttering is an ideal way of preventing dust and germs. We all love our knick-knacks but keeping your living room clutter-free and minimalistic will make your space so much easier to clean and can prevent allergens spreading around. For anything you do want to keep, where possible, put the ornamental objects in cabinets with doors to prevent them from collecting dust. Glass doors are ideal as you can still see your pretty objects on display!

Everyday Objects

As mentioned, your TV remote can be one of the dirtiest items in a household so ensure these are wiped down and disinfected regularly with cleaning wipes as well as other germ hotspots such as light switches, phones and door handles. Either use a microfibre cloth or household cleaner on paper towels to wipe clean and buff dry with a cloth. Alcohol hand gel works just as well here too!  

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