Let's sustain our Environment

Designer Sofas4u understand the relationship between the furniture you buy and the ability to enjoy it in a healthy environment. For this very reason we have initiatives in place to promote sourcing from recognised furniture manufactures with similar commitments of green products and green business practices. Our suppliers have forest re-growth and harvest plans that ensure they are utilising the environment in a low impact manner.

Green products are and should be superior in every way to those that are not green. Designer Sofas4u is dedicated to retailing long lasting products that are made from recycled materials using sustainable business practices not only for our business to grow, but more importantly, for the planet to keep growing too. We believe that the entire process of manufacturing needs to be truly green. Beyond recycling office and manufacturing waste, using natural daylight for office lighting, natural ventilation in offices, encouraging paperless office environments, actively sourcing quality products made by green minded manufacturers. 

Designer Sofas4u’s ECO Initiative is an ongoing process by which we look for areas in our business and products that are lacking in greenness and we consciously make a change to make it greener. Please feel free to contact us if you have any recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint Designer Sofas4u is making on this planet.

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