Novelty Chairs: Define YOUR Space

Big Brother 2018 is in full swing, bringing its usual mix of bonkers challenges, drunken antics and big egos! Though the contestants try to get the most airtime, our attention is always taken by the furniture of the Big Brother house itself which, as in previous years, does not disappoint.

Perhaps the most interesting and certainly most iconic piece of Big Brother furniture is the Diary Room chair, which changes from year to year but is always a conversation piece. If you want to add a touch of exciting novelty to your home or business, then check out the Designer Sofas For You collection of novelty chairs on which, for a limited time, you can currently save a tasty 20%.

Lip Sofa Three SeaterThree Seater Lip Sofa

This sofa has already graced the Big Brother house and now you can own it too! Three people can comfortably share the Lip Sofa, which was inspired by Salvador Dali's similar sofa based on the lips of actress Mae West. A surrealist delight, this inviting piece is just as comfortable as it looks.

Potenza Chair Crimson Crushed VelvetPotenza Chairs

Made using flocked or crushed velvet, these dramatic pieces of furniture should really be referred to as thrones. An ultra-high back combines with subtle yet supportive arms to create a design that is simply breathtaking. There are several colour choices available, as well as a selection of prints (our favourites are the animal prints!).

Snuggle Swivel ArmchairCuddler Swivel Chair

A concealed swivel base turns this chair into a romantic, comfortable love-seat. Swivel chairs are ideal for complementing a smaller space and this delightful piece comes complete with two scatter cushions, created using a complementary choice of fabric.

Enjoy browsing our collection of novelty chairs. Which one will win? YOU decide...!

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