The authentic beauty of traditional sofas

Modern manufacturing processes can mass-produce quality sofas efficiently and effectively, but that doesn’t mean traditionally designed and manufactured sofas should be overlooked. If you’re shopping for a new sofa suite then you should include traditional sofas on your list of considerations, and here’s why.

The quality is second to none

Traditional sofas are usually handcrafted using methods perfected over centuries of manual craftsmanship – meaning there’s intimate and reliable quality in every sofa that’s traditionally produced.

This might seem contrary to the idea that modern methods of manufacture are of a higher standard than traditional methods, but in some cases this is actually the case. High street retailers are usually more concerned with turning a profit than the quality of the end product; to this end they use the cheapest materials and methods they can to make savings at every turn. That’s not to say their products are inferior, since the outcome is a product that does the job it was produced to do, but with a traditionally designed and manufactured sofa you can be sure that the materials and processes used are of the highest standard.

Desig­ner­Sofas4U’­s craftsmen are all highly trained in the arts and processes required to produce authentically recreate traditional sofas. We employ a mix of these methods and modern technology to create furniture that’s of the highest quality – furniture designed and produced to last a lifetime.

Traditional beauty is unmatched

It’s no secret that the retro fashions popular decades ago are making a return; Chesterfield furniture for example was once the staple of any luxury home, but now Chesterfield sofas can be found in hoe across the country, as well as in banks, salons, bars and plenty of other public places.

These traditional designs are often exquisite, using beautifully high quality materials and intricate processes to produce luxurious works of art. Traditional furniture designs should only ever be created through traditional methods of manufacture, and that’s where the expertise of DesignerSofas4U lies.

They can be homed anywhere

Traditional furniture fits into any theme; you don’t need hardwood floors and a roaring fire to accommodate a Chesterfield armchair.

As long as you get the colour right, a traditionally designed piece of furniture will fit into any theme in your house, whether it’s the bright and open conservatory or the deep colours of your living room. The character of a traditional sofa is guaranteed to breathe character into whichever room you’re looking to buy for.

We’re unmatched in our craftsmanship

DesignerSofas4U are the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Chesterfield sofas. We use traditional materials and methods of craftsmanship to create stunning works of art, so if you’re looking to buy a traditional sofa for your home you’ve come to the right place – just get in touch. You can email, call 01254268 590 or fill out our contact us form today.

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