The Benefits of a Sofa Bed

If you’re planning on buying a new settee for your living room, it may not have crossed your mind to consider a sofa bed. Generally thought of as a cheaper, less comfortable option than a ‘real’ settee and not as durable or long-lasting as a real bed the sofa bed has come back in recent years and it’s come back with a bang!

So what are the benefits of having a settee and bed all-in-one?


Gone are the days when your guests had nowhere to sleep or had to make do with an uncomfortable night contorting on a corner settee.

Sofa bed’s are an incredibly practical addition to a living room – not only are they comfortable but they can easily be placed in any room of the house whether that’s a study, a living room or a bedroom. Unlike a living room sofa, they are generally slightly smaller too which means they can fit in even the smallest rooms in the home. Sofa beds can be the ultimate space-saver!


Many sofa beds come with added storage so they’re perfect for tidying away clutter and mess when not in use.

Many of us have countless duvets, quilts, extra pillows and plenty of bedding-related accessories that we may not use day-to-day so by placing these items in the integrated storage we free up vital space in cupboards, airing cupboards and wardrobes.

Plus, with the simple fold-up mechanism there’ll be no annoying trips to the attic to pull items down and bringing out items that you’re storing will simply take a couple of easy minutes.

Attractive Alternative

You’ll probably remember a time where you’ve stayed over at a friend or relatives house and had to make do with sleeping on a mattress on the floor or an inflatable bed that ripples and wobbles every time you roll over.

Not ideal, is it?

Sofa beds have undergone somewhat of a transformation in recent years and they are now just as attractive as your typical settee, not to mention comfortable. The awkward, clunky mechanisms are no more and you won’t have any near misses when it comes to unfolding them!

Whether you extend the sofa bed for a night in watching films or you’re simply offering your guests a relaxing and restful night’s sleep, sofa beds come in a vast array of styles and colours not to mention fabrics such as leather so one will look just as attractive as a bed as it does a sofa.


Value for money is certainly something many of us search for in our everyday lives whether it’s shopping for food or getting a must-have item on sale.

Buying a standalone sofa and an extra bed for a guest bedroom can be an expensive commitment to make in one go whereas a sofa bed, by providing effectively two of the most important items of furniture in one.

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