Wood and metal furniture with a difference

Our last update https://­www.­desig­ner­sofas4u.­co.­uk/­news/­2014/­august/­is-human-flesh-furniture-a-cut-above.­html introduced you to the wonderful world of unique furniture. DesignerSofas4U would like to present you with another designer creating striking pieces that push the boundaries of preconceived ideas of furniture form and function. 

Israeli artist Hilla Shamia http://­www.­hillashamia.­com/ uses a unique technique to produce a blend of natural materials that would be the focal point in any room. 

Shamia’s work fuses wood and aluminium to create beautiful, functional art. She begins with logs of raw wood, like cypress or eucalyptus. Molten aluminium is then poured over, seeping into every fissure and crevice in the wood, bonding the two materials together. The logs are next cut lengthwise to provide a flat surface.

As the burning molten metal sears the wood, it creates a boundary between the materials - a beautiful band of black carbon separating the harsh, clinical looking aluminium from the natural tones and textures of the wooden log. The form of the wood is preserved, though it intensifies the artificial impression through being set against the squared form of the steely cool and smooth aluminium.

Hilla’s furniture started out as a product for her industrial design degree, but today her one-of-a-kind pieces have thrown her to the forefront of innovative design.  

The nature of her work means each piece is wonderfully unique; no two pieces can ever be identical, generating a randomness that only adds to the appeal of Shamia’s furniture.

Whilst striking, Hilla Shamia’s furniture is not for every home. Why not take a look at the stylish, novelty lines https://­www.­desig­ner­sofas4u.­co.­uk/­products/­sofas-and-living-room/­novelty-chairs-products.­html Desig­ner­Sofas4U can offer to complete your look? 

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