York Chesterfield: The Perfect Student Sofa

With Christmas and New Year over and 2019 in full swing, thousands of students have returned to the university towns to resume studying. For many students, this means living in various types of accommodation away from home.

Chesterfield York Collection

The student budget is notoriously tight and the accommodation often small; these factors can combine to make furnishing a problem but Designer Sofas For You have the perfect solution to both issues...

We are proud to introduce the Chesterfield York collection, which is designed to allow people with limited space and budget to enjoy the luxurious comfort of a genuine Grey Chesterfield sofa. You can choose from a two- or three-seat design or, if you want to make even better savings, there is a combo option available which contains both the two- and three-seater models.

Chesterfield York sofas are supplied in a compact, flat-pack box, which can fit easily through narrow spaces, up staircases and around tight corners. Mink or Grey Velvet colour options mean that these sofas will work with almost any style of interior design. Using the supplied instructions, you can build your new furniture at your leisure and, best of all, super-fast delivery is guaranteed so there's no waiting around: simply unpack, build and enjoy!

Discover the Chesterfield York Collection now on the Designer Sofas 4 U website! Need advice or support? Simply contact our expert team today.

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