Chesterfield Sofas Near Me

Thanks to the television, the classic, select and elegant British Chesterfield sofa is becoming fashionable. It is true that to acquire a real Chesterfield, you need a significant economic investment, but the lucky one will have it at home: upholstery technique, design history and a sofa for a lifetime.

It was in the 19th century when British upholsterers began to fasten the sofa filler to the armchair frame using a deep, silver buttoning; this particular technique of craftsmanship is what today we know as a Chesterfield.

Soon, during the second half of the 19th century, Great Britain was flooded with this type of sofas, making the Chesterfield design emblem of British elegance and style.

Now in the midst of the 21st century, there is Chester from fabric, velvet or from custom prints. Replicas and more replicas that lose the value to the story behind this leather sofas. Fleming & Howland house and family of upholsterers is one of the world's leading builders of genuine Chesterfield; In fact, since 2009 the Fleming & Howland heritage was recognized under the trademark 'Chesterfields'. What has Fleming & Howland done to achieve this recognition? As a specific craft work in the construction of sofas.

To build a real Chester, 150 meters of thread, 60 bicone springs, 14 kilos of parked beech, 70 nails covered in leather, 15 kilos of horsehair, 18 meters of jute belts and 10 square meters of leather are required.

The construction of the interior of the sofa and a carefully stitched buttoning is essential to get a travel companion for life. However, the key to elegance, luster and the stately character enjoyed by Chesterfield sofas lies in the quality of the skin they use. No matter how big a button, no matter how much wood or beech, or a lot of thread, a Chester without a good skin is not a Chester.

Usually, each skin undergoes more than twenty phases of tanning the goal? Get a pure natural leather embossed, elegant, durable and durable. Those who enjoy an authentic Chester fur hide they are sofas both warm and cozy in winter, practical and cool in summer. So, if in midsummer when you wake up from an alleged Chester you hear the sound of a sticker peeling off - and you're the sticker - be sure it's not Chester.

Conclusion, history, craftsmanship, authentic leather and a few dollars to get your living room I have a new individual that will sometimes bother you the protagonism that you harvest.

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