Decorating Around a Brown Sofa

So you’ve just picked out your brand new brown sofa. It could be leather. It could be a Chesterfield. It could have been bought from us. It looks antique, it looks regal, it looks great. But how do you decorate around a brown sofa?

Owning a brown couch does not mean the room you place it in has to be doomy and gloomy. Quite the opposite, in fact. There are a number of colour schemes you can play around with to ensure you make the most of your brown sofa and in this brand new post, we’ll run through a few of them with you.


You may have guessed we were going to mention this one! White is a stunning colour and perfect for living rooms as it can help a room seem lighter, brighter and more importantly, bigger. A white colour scheme helps to make a room feel airy and serene making it seem fresh and pristine.

However, it can also be high-maintenance – it’s harder to clean and especially for homes with children, it may mean a new paint job every couple of months to get rid of grubby fingerprints and spills. It may also make a room appear sterile and clinical which can make it feel cold and uninviting.

When combined with a brown sofa, make the most of the colour palette by introducing dark oak sideboards and hang your pictures and painting in oak or mahogany frames to give a colonial yet appealing effect.

Peacock Blue

Perfect for demanding attention, the peacock blue colour is the ultimate style statement. Although a dark colour, it can be used easily without making the space appear too overpowered and is useful in small rooms as when painted, it can make walls seem further away.

Jewel shades can create balance in a room as they balance out the warmth of your brown sofa and works perfectly with timber or wooden floors.

Try painting one wall in peacock blue and use as a feature wall if you’re not daring enough to go for the whole sha-bang at once and add colourful accent pieces in a warmer shade such as deep orange or sunshine yellow cushions or rugs. Velvet accessories can work particularly well as they introduce a luxurious aspect to the room.

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Autumn Colours

As brown is a warmer neutral it works really well with autumn colours such as oranges, reds and yellows. Decorating with orange may be one colour some shy away from due to its bright, brash shade however it’s the ideal colour for injecting some happiness into your home.

Orange gives off energy and is one of the most attention-grabbing colours but it’s less aggressive than red. It’s a stimulating colour and invokes feelings of fun.

Balance autumn shades with white or off-white accessories such as cushions and throws. The shade works really well with a number of shades of brown sofas such as chocolate or taupe.

For those wanting more simplicity, keep the accessories minimal and add a garish burnt sienna coloured rug mixed in with other more neutral ornamentals and accents.

How have you decorated with a brown sofa? Let us know and send us your photos on Facebook or Twitter.

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