Designer Sofas 4U now have security protocols to secure data sent to and from our server!

Security has always been a big concern when shoppers hit the World Wide Web instead of heading to a bricks-and-mortar store for their wares, but no longer for Designer Sofas 4U customers.

We’ve taken yet another step to improve the security of our website – we now have an EV SSL Certificate encrypting data sent to and from our server, so worries of this information being maliciously intercepted are a thing of the past.

The Designer Sofas 4U Sales Director, Ikram Bohra said: “We are delighted to announce that our eCommerce website now has an EV SSL certificate to protect our customers.

“The public now knows that any communication with our website is secure, and that they can shop with total peace of mind.”

EV SSL stands for Extra Validation Secure Sockets Layer, and is a protocol that tells web browsers that it’s in communication with a trusted source, allowing all data to be securely encrypted and decrypted between them.

Achieving this certificate means a company has undergone a rigorous authentication process, where the identity and ownership of assets belonging to the organisation are proven to declare that they can be completely trusted.

Acquiring an SSL certificate places a locked padlock in the URL bar of any browser that visits a secured site to symbolise the added level of encryption, with the extra validation symbolised by a green bar within the sale URL bar.

Customers who shop with Designer Sofas 4U are now protected against hacking, as well as credit and debit card fraud thanks to the 3D Secure Payments for Visa and MasterCard which have been supported at our checkout for some time.

Mr. Bohra added: “It’s a shame that the public isn’t more aware of the role that an SSL certificate plays when they are browsing the web at home.

“The validation process we had to go through was very comprehensive, and the extra validation process even more so – but it was worth it to be able to say that yes, we are a trusted retailer.”

If you would like to know more about SSL or EV certificates, click here. Or to get in contact with a member of the DesignerSofas4U customer service team to find out about how we manage the security of our site. 

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