How to accessorise your living room for Christmas

It’s official – there’s no escaping it now; Christmas is upon us, whether you’re a willing participant or not. But don’t despair; we have some handy tips to help you marry your living space with your Christmas decorations that shouldn’t harm your bank balance too much!

Starting from scratch?

For many young couples around the country, the 2014 holiday will be the first Christmas they spend together in a new home.  For such lucky lovers we have some cardinal rules to follow:

  • Don’t spend a fortune – If it’s your first year in a new home together, chances are you both think the relationship is going to stand the test of time. This means you have plenty of years of Christmas decoration collecting ahead of you! So save your money and buy cheap and cheerful pieces that will liven your home at a fraction of the cost.
  • Buy decorations to match – It seems like common sense, and that’s because it is. If your living space is filled with earthy tones like cream and brown, then hunt for bargains to match your existing colour scheme. The nature of Christmas decorations will make sure they stand out within the room they’re in without needing to contrast. Matching Christmas decorations will blend your room into a wonderland of inviting festivity – exactly the thing you should be looking for!

For the rest of us

Most families already have a set of Christmas decorations they use year on year which probably adhere to a certain colour scheme – one which may not really complement the living space that usually houses most of these ornaments. Whilst it’s not imperative, it might help to make a few simple changes to create festive unity throughout – after all, your decorations will be on display for quite some time:

  • Replace aging decorations – Another no-brainer, when it comes to replacing ornaments that have seen better days then go for colours or themes that enhance those of your day-to-day décor.
  • Revamp your current accessories and soft furnishings – Things like cushion covers can be picked up pretty cheap; Ikea have covers that start at just £3, so you can replace your current ones with colours that match your Christmas theme.  Canvas prints are also quite cheap these days, and if you shop in the right place it’s quite easy to fill your walls with new art to match.

Consult the experts

DesignerSofas4U don’t just do Chesterfields; we love to help customers create beautiful living spaces – so if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team today. 

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