DesignerSofas4U Chesterfield appears on popular soap, Eastenders

A lot goes into every single scene of people’s favourite teatime soaps, and furniture is always a critical choice when it comes to creating the perfect backdrops. Local designer sofa providers, Desig­ner­Sofas4U, were approached recently by the set styling team of Eastenders to supply a sofa for legendary ‘Enders hard nut, Phil Mitchell.

The soap has been a long-standing favourite among millions of people across the UK (and beyond) since its inception more than 30 years ago. Over the years, the backdrops of the characters’ homes have helped to set the scene, complementing their stories and creating a ‘real world’ feel to each and every dramatic experience. So while we all like to kick back after dinner and spend 30 minutes in a world of someone else’s creation, set designers are buzzing around behind the scenes, making sure that all the furnishings click with the characters concerned.

The challenge for the team at DesignerSofas4U was to supply a piece of furniture that fit in with the surroundings and simultaneously chimed with Phil’s character, which everyone knows can be pretty rough and ready. Eventually, the team settled on supplying a classic Chesterfield, but modernising the style a little with softer upholstery. Chesterfields are well known for their timeless styling with elegant rolled arms and chic nailhead trims, often balancing the sturdy silhouette with rich, burnished leather coverings.

But although Chesterfields are known for being highly versatile wherever they’re used, leather didn’t seem quite right for these particular surroundings, as Adam Baker, Marketing Manager at DesignerSofas4U explains: “Phil’s character and the decor of his home just didn’t seem to fit with the traditional, more opulent leather Chesterfields that we sell so many of, so we discussed softening the aesthetic by upholstering the sofa in a gentler, more modern fabric.”

The team at DesignerSofas4U covered the Chesterfield in their plush ‘Velluto’ duck-egg velour and punctuated it with deep-set buttons to give it a touch of macho edge. The feet were hardwood bun structures in a deep, natural hue. The aim was to guarantee that the sofa look welcoming and homely, while making sure it made sense that someone like Phil MItchell would pick it out at a sofa shop.

Adam continues: “It’s true that you can’t imagine someone like Phil sinking into a puffed up, floral sofa at the end of a hard day’s graft, so the custom Chesterfield we supplied was just the ticket. The set designers were thrilled with the results and the whole DesignerSofas4U team has been focusing an eagle eye on Phil’s scenes to see if we can spot our sofa as Phil goes about his daily grind!”.

As well as supplying sofas to Eastenders, the team at DesignerSofas4U has worked with big-name brands including Natwest, Toni & Guy, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Shell. The entire DesignerSofas4U range can be viewed and purchased at their website, https://­www.­desig­ner­sofas4u.­co.­uk, where 0% finance deals are in steady supply and bespoke creations are just a few clicks away.

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