“What sort of tub chair do you need?” Quite naturally this may be the first question that may arise once you have made your mind for buying a tub chair. With such an extensive amount of variety available in the market it may be difficult to conclude what sort of tub chair you need. Before you buy a tub chair it is really important to have a glance on different kinds of tub chairs.

Generally two kinds of materials namely Fabric and Leather are used in tub chairs. Each material has its own benefits. While making a choice you really need to make clear that what sort of tub chair you are going to buy.

Fabric tub chairs, the most popular, are stylish, compact and more significantly affordable. Fabric tub chairs are more practical and are ideal to be used in offices, school or in a studio. A wide variety of fabrics are available for tub chairs ranging from simple Chenille Fabric to Velvet. You can customize you Fabric according to your particular need. Chenille fabric tub chairs are upholstered in a strong woven textured fabric. Then, there are velvet fabric chairs. They are really soft, glowing and cosy. Other variations of fabric tub chairs include:

-Flat weave fabric tub chair: They are upholstered with flat weave fabric. A flat weave fabric is a woven fabric, consisting of a single warp thread crossing over and under subsequent individual weft threads.

- Textured Fabric Tub chair: Special textures and patterns are embedded on fabric to enhance the aesthetics.  Textured fabrics are plain but feature detailing making them different to most other plain fabrics.

Leather tub chairs on the other hand are of premium quality are obviously more expensive than the fabric ones. They are ideal for high class places. There are many variations of lather tub chairs:

-  Bonded Leather Tub Chairs: Bonded Leather tubs are made from a combination of leather and some other materials. They are inexpensive, hard and convenient to use.

-Faux leather tub chairs: Faux leather tub chairs are generally made from PU leather. It is easy to use and water resistant.

-By cast leather tub chairs: By cast leather tub chairs are made from a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed.

-Real leather tub chairs: These are very rare and expensive. Made from original leather, difficult to maintain and very expensive.

Bespoke and designer tub chairs add variations and new colour to these aforementioned traditional styles of tub chairs
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