Velvet Fabrics

Velvet Fabrics: Types, how to Buy and use in Home.

Are you bored of the same old interior of your home and are willing to bring a change in it. If you want to add a spark in the interior and decorate your house in different styles and colors then you may use fabrics for the job. These fabrics can be velvet fabric, embossed velvet and cotton velvet. These different types of velvet can play a leading role in decorating your rooms in a variety of fashions. You can use velvet for curtains or for furniture. Curtain will not only block light but also add flavor to the house. Your furniture can get a whole new look with velvet. Plus you can make a variety of clothes according to trending fashion. But before going to the shop to purchase velvet you should know its different types so that you can choose well.

Several kinds of velvet fabrics are available in the market. The first on the list is the Crushed Velvet. This specific fabric is produced by applying pressure from different directions on simple velvet fabric. Another technique that is used to produce crushed velvet is called mechanical method. The second type of velvet is Devore. It is used to produce different patterns on clothes. Different design can be made on the cloth using this specific fabric.

Another kind of velvet fabric is called Embossed Velvet.  Embossed velvet is a stamped fabric. If you to emboss any velvet, then simply it can be done by means of a rubber stamp. To make a desired emboss on the fabric, just press the desired stamp by means of iron on cloth. The fourth type of velvet on the list is the Hammered Velvet. It is quite similar in design and make to the crushed velvet.  The fifth type of velvet is Panne. This precise velvet fabric is quite hard to make. This is because the fabric pile is to be pressed in one particular direction. Another variety of velvet is known as Plain velvet. This type of velvet is made by cotton velvet. Of all the velvet types, cotton velvet is the softest and the most stylish in nature; which is the basic reason for its high price. The final type is silk. It is too stylish and soft and expensive too.

Velvet fabric is a fine clothing option for use in home and for warm clothes because of its insulating property.  Apart from its use as clothing, velvet is used in decorating and designing homes. In home it can be used for curtains for windows and doors, interior designing and sofa covers.

Whenever you decide to choose a velvet fabric for use in your home then it important that you have a plan to utilize it properly. You should work out and keep in mind the time and efforts required to use the fabric for furniture, curtains or cloths. Additionally you have to bear in mind some crucial points before selecting and purchasing the specific velvet fabric. When buying, check the quality and content of fabric foremost.

Examine that the fabric is prepared by pure woven. The quality of the fabric can be checked by the help of a torch or light placed on the material. If you are buying the fabric for furniture, then choose the fabric corresponding to your furniture color and size because you wouldn’t want the fabric to mismatch the furniture. Another way by which you can check the quality of the velvet is by stretching it diagonally to see the fabric shape and strength. All the weave of fabric is important factor. If the weave is made by means of the finest material then the yarns of the fabric would be of same size. But if the weave is not made by using a good material, then the size of yarn would be varying and the fabric of no good use.

As discussed earlier, the different varieties of velvet fabric include, silk velvet, cotton velvet and other types. These kinds of velvet can be used differently in decorating the home. The pile velvet can be used for joining different cut loops. These fabrics are smooth in nature and come in different patterns and colors and can be used easily especially for furniture and curtains. As they are made b silk, they are very soft and have a feather touch in them. If good quality velvet is used in your home then it gives an expensive and designer look to your house.

Loosely woven velvet fabric should be supplemented by latex backings for longer wear and stability. Cotton velvet is principally used to make warm garments because of their style and color.  Also before buying velvet include furniture and house walls in design plan. Velvet is a good choice for your home’s interior and your warm winter clothing.