Chenille Fabrics

All about Chenille fabric

Chenille fabric is a soft plushy mink kind of fabric that provides wonderful look and cozy feel for the user. The fabric is named after the French word chenille meaning caterpillar. It is because the fabric quality of having short hairs on the surface giving it s furry appearance and soft touch same as it is on a caterpillar’s skin. Chenille fabric has gained it popularity in 18th century and from that time it has been used in clothing, mostly in upholstery products curtaining or decoration. The chenille fabric is the most preferred kind of fabric to be used in home décor or interior decoration of any place.

Characteristics of chenille fabric

The main characteristics that make the chenille fabric a little different from that of normal or usual fabric is the appearance and soft touch feel that has no match in other fabrics. Chenille fabric is an elegant furry fabric made to have tiny hair like threads that are made of either acrylic, polyester or sometimes cotton based and gives plush to the upper side of the fabric. The fabric can be obtained in cotton stuff or acrylic as per required.

Types of chenille fabric

Chenille fabric has many kinds of its appearance and quality but there are some commonly used types.

Cotton chenille fabric

Chenille tapestry fabric

Chenille upholstery fabric

Chenille fabric is the most suitable fabric for upholstery. It is the most preferred fabric because of its elegant shades and soft minky feel.  The fabric is long lasting and durable and can be used in many ways to make unique items related to decorative items and upholstery objects. Cushions and pillows are best decorated with chenille fabric with small pieces or sometime whole is made from chenille fabric. Chenille curtains, bedding sets decoration items, lamp shades and many other things like that are beautifully made with the help of chenille fabric.

How to select best quality chenille fabric?


Though there are many different types of chenille fabrics but still some common properties that are there in every kind of chenille are its base quality, the durability of the plush, shine and softness that brings comfort and the look it brings to the observer. The best quality chenille fabric is flexible and very soft. The plush on surface is as soft as you are touching silk yarn or fluffy foam. You can easily distinguish between a quality chenille fabric by just putting the fabric in your hand.

How to care for the chenille fabric?

Chenille fabric is the delicate fabric with soft surface and tiny hair like threads making it feel mink and plush. But the when it comes to care for the fabric, it needs to be taken with care. As it can catch fire very fast and can be damaged with high temperatures. The fabric is also damaged with hot pours on it or sticky substances. So you should be very careful in taking care for such fabrics and upholstery in order to keep the fabric feel soft for long period of time.

Where to buy chenille fabric?

Chenille fabric is available from local markets anywhere in the world but you can also find the best quality fabric from online stores and wholesale dealers. You can find a number of online stores that offer top notch chenille fabric with great designs from designers and a varied number of types of stuff used to make the fabric look attractive and beautiful. You can easily access to any online store and can get what you want. There are wholesale dealers and you can also get individual orders.

How to wash chenille fabrics?

Chenille fabric can maintain its soft texture for years if they are of high quality and washed carefully. In case you are not aware of how to wash your chenille fabric upholstery items or any decoration piece with chenille fabric you can follow simple steps.

First you should take cold or slightly warm water and soak the fabric into it.

Add soft detergent liquid or washing liquid in it and before putting the fabric into the water. Slightly rinse with soft hands and wash of the lather to make it free from the detergent. Do not squeeze and dry out in shadow with air coming slowly. As it will not harm the fabric and the fabric will remain as soft as its new for a long period of time.

Chenille is best to use for decorating and giving the upholstery an elegant design and color to the item and adding beauty to your interior. You can make the fabric at home with the help of cloths and adding up multicolored clothes on top of the base fabric cutting the pieces and brushing the cut part giving it plush look. You can also find books and training guides to make unique home made chenille fabric.