Chesterfield Sofas Merseyside

The Chesterfield Furniture are already a classic. This type of furniture is a favourite to decorate the offices around the world. It does not matter if it is a sober law firm or a set of modern offices of an innovative company: the Chesterfield sofa cannot miss.

What is so special about Chesterfield? It is a difficult question to answer. It is not a new design, much less. Its origin is not fully documented, but according to popular history the first Chesterfield sofa was created in the 19th century and owes its name to the Earl of Chesterfield.

Apparently, its peculiar design is due to this gentleman commissioned a sofa with a somewhat special design, in which the backrest was even in height with the armrests. So he forced himself to sit up straight. All this sounds very English, right?

It is usually upholstered in leather, or so it was until a few decades ago. Now it is possible to see this type of upholstered furniture in fabric or with designs and prints more colorful than usual. It has become fashionable again and is one of the essential elements for any interior decorator.

Although the sofas have space in almost any place, where they are usually located is in two specific places: an elegant office of a manager, or in the common space and rest of the most modern offices.

The most common thing is to see the Chesterfield design on two- or three-seater sofas, but it also exists as an armchair. It is not the most common, but it does sell furniture of this type. They are nice, but for my taste where it really stands out is in the models of several squares.

In particular, if you want an excellent industrial environment to the offices that's where the Chesterfields come in. The customers and employees will have a nice space to disconnect from the routine, and you can see several of this furniture in the store of Designe4U.

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