Easy Ways to Workout From Your Sofa

With many of us dreaming of summer and that perfect summer getaway, it’s also a time where many of us are dreaming of that perfect summer body to go alongside. But it’s easier said than done!

Sure, joining a gym and going on some faddy diet is music to our ears but with the hectic lifestyles that people lead, it can be difficult to find a moment to actually get out of the house and commit to a gym membership or running club.

We spend the majority of our time at home so why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the time we spend there – both with our families and with the activities that we do whilst there?

Finding easy ways to workout needn’t be hard with a few simple workouts we’ve picked out that you can do from the comfort of your own sofa! Yes, really!


Heel Lifts

Ideal for toning ankles, calves and the lower part of your legs, simple sit back on your seat with your back straight and both feet firmly on the floor in front of you. Gently lift your heel upwards off the floor whilst keeping toes touching the ground. Once you feel a slight pull on the back of your leg, hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly lower. Then, repeat with the other foot.

Toe Raises

Similar to heel lifts but in reverse, toe raises are the same exercise only this time gently and slowly lift your toes upwards whilst keeping your heels on the floor. To get the most from this exercise, push your leg forward whilst doing this routine so that your whole leg is diagonal to the chair.

Strengthen Inner Thighs

For this exercise, sit right back in your chair with both feet on the floor and place a small pillow or cushion between your feet. Then, lift the object off the floor using only your feet whilst squeezing your thighs together. Increase these repetitions, as the exercise gets easier.

Couch Sit Ups

Facing your couch, lie back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Slide your feet under the gap between your couch and floor to make it easer. Then, place your fingertips behind the ears and pull your shoulders back. Sit up, without using your arms, and raise your body towards your knees. Hold that position for a moment and then slowly lay back down. Repeat and increase reps as the exercise gets easier.


Armchair Dips

Sitting on the edge of your seat, place your hands firmly on the couch either side of you. Move your feet out and lift your bum off the seat – but make sure your hands are secure so you don’t fall off! Your knees shouldn’t bend past your toes. Using the strength of your arms, lower your body downward, being careful not to touch the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds, then extend your arms and raise your body back up towards your original position.

Sofa Squats

We all know how to get off the sofa, right? And we all know how to get back on the sofa, right? Well this exercise is for you as it couldn’t be easier. Sofa squats involve sitting down and standing up over and over again, getting faster as you go. As your heart rate increases, try adding a jumping jack when standing up to add a little difficulty into the routine.

What kind of sofa workouts do you do? Be sure to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

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