50% Deposit Payment

Pay half now, and half just before delivery

Chesterfield sofa pay half now and pay later

If any item in your shopping basket has an anticipated delivery time of 4 weeks or more, and you're paying by debit or credit card, you can either:

Pay for your order in full up front


Pay a 50% deposit now, pay the balance before delivery alternatively pay cash or card delivery!

Chesterfield sofa delivery method cash and card on delivery

Paying the remaining balance

We generally request the remaining 50% to be paid 24 to 48 hours before we deliver. However, on some dining and cabinet furniture delivered direct to you from our suppliers we ask for payment up to 14 days before delivery.

*Your final payment must be made with the same card that you used for the deposit*. We assume that you will be happy for us to automatically request the balance outstanding against your order via our secure payment provider (SSP), without prior need to notify you. If this is not the case, please let us know by emailing trade@designersofas4u.co.uk. Only customers who send an email requesting notification will be notified by email or telephone before the final balance is taken. As soon as your total balance has been settled a receipt will be sent to your email and billing address.

Please remember, delivery cannot be made until your entire invoice has been settled.

If you have any questions regarding our 50% deposit payment option, please contact a sales representative today.