Free Sofa Collections

Wondering how to dispose of your old sofa? Many people organise a bulky household waste collection with their local council, but if your unwanted sofas are in good condition, you should consider donating it to charity.

According to the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (RSA), each year the UK throws away approximately 672,000 tonnes of furniture. The society advises that over half of this waste could be re-used. Only 17% of unwanted sofas are re-purposed, with the remainder going to landfill.

There are charities, community projects, and upcycling schemes across the UK that are desperate for our old furniture, with sofas being among the most in-demand pieces. By donating to one of these, not only will you be keeping your sofa out of landfill, but you will also be providing a worthy organisation with a donation that they can use to further their cause.

To help you find somewhere you can donate your sofa, we’ve put together the list below of UK charities, projects, and not-for-profit companies that are looking to put unwanted sofas to good use — many even offer free collections, so it's inexpensive and hassle-free to dispose of your old sofa. We’ve included some organisations that operate nationwide and others that work regionally, so there should be an option that is convenient for you.


As stipulated by the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988, It is illegal to supply second-hand sofas "in the course of business or trade" that do not have their permanent fire safety label still attached.

This means that charities selling sofas to the general public for fundraising purposes cannot accept sofas that do not have their fire label attached. However, charities that pass sofas on to needy persons (either for free or a nominal fee) may be able to accept sofas without their label attached.

If your sofa does not have the fire safety label attached, contact the charity beforehand to ensure they can accept it.

The permanent fire safety label is usually sewn or stapled to the sofa, beneath the cushions. It should feature the caution "CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE", and information as detailed in Part II of Schedule 7 of the Regulations.


These charities operate on a large scale across the country, with branches in most large towns and cities. Visit their websites to find your local store and organise a sofa collection.


A charity that is dedicated to helping older people live life to the full. They provide essential support, advice, and companionship for millions of people up and down the country.

Age UK accepts donations of good-quality sofas to their dedicated furniture shops in Blackpool, Boston, Bridgnoth, Leigh, Milton Keynes, Newport, Orpington, Polegate, Shanklin, and Wigan. Find out more here.


Barnardo’s is a charity committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children in the UK, dealing with a whole range of issues, such as poverty, domestic violence, and disability.

Select shops around the country can receive or collect sofas. It is advisable to contact your local store before arranging your donation. Find your local Barnardo's furniture store.


An independent Christian charity that works to solve problems created by drug addiction. They run a number of centres that provide residential programmes for recovery.

Betel’s charity shops focus on pre-loved and restored furniture, and create work-experience opportunities for residents. Collection or drop-off can be arranged by calling a local shop. Find out more here.


A charity dedicated to fighting coronary heart disease through cutting-edge research, education and providing support for people living with heart and circulatory conditions.  Over the last year, the BHF Furniture stores have sold over 140,000 donated sofas and chairs.

You can book a free sofa collection online (apart from in Northern Ireland).


The British Red Cross is a humanitarian organisation that provides support in crisis situations in the UK and around the world. They specialise in providing first-aid training, as well as relief for victims of conflicts and disasters.

They have a variety of dedicated furniture stores across the UK that can accept sofa donations, and can also arrange collection depending on location, value, and condition of the sofa. Find out more here.


Cancer Research UK is dedicated to funding revolutionary research into fighting and beating cancer. They also provide information and support for victims of the disease. The charity operates a national network of stores throughout the UK, accepting donations of all kinds of items. Your sofa can be assessed and collection arranged through a dedicated donation app. Find out more here.


DEBRA is a charity that focuses on research and support for people who suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a genetic skin condition.

They run over 100 charity shops in the UK, including some dedicated furniture and electrical stores that are happy to accept sofa donations. These stores also offer free collections, which can be booked online. Find out more here.


A charity that supports the homeless by providing residence in a community where they can work and get the help they need to get back on their feet. Each community is self-funded through social enterprises that also give residents a chance to contribute.

Emmaus offers sofa collections if you're located within 15 miles of one of its 12 furniture and electrical shops.


Forces Support is a charity dedicated to providing practical support for families that have lost a loved one during armed conflict. They mainly focus on supplying professional maintenance personnel to take care of tasks that may have built up since the loss of a family member.

The charity is always on the lookout for furniture, including sofas, in good condition that can be sold in their stores. Find your local branch and enquire about home collections online.


A charity that aims to eradicate world poverty and famine by tackling its root causes. They undertake many projects across the globe, working to bring food, water, and healthcare to the communities that need it the most.

Oxfam accepts sofas in good condition, though it is best to contact your local store to ensure they can accommodate larger furniture. You'll find specialist Oxfam furniture shops in Liverpool, Mirfield, Nottingham, Southampton, Norwich, Cambridge, Dunstable, Huddersfield, Leeds, Rochester, Sheffield, and Stratford upon Avon.


The PDSA is a veterinary charity with the aim to care for every pet. They focus on preventing illness and suffering for pets, providing treatment for those that are sick and injured, and educating people about animal welfare.

There are over 150 PDSA shops in the UK, all of which rely on donated goods to raise funds. Some of these shops accept furniture — it’s best to call your local store before delivering your sofa to see if they can take it.


The Salvation Army is a Christian charity that provides a variety of community services, as well as tackling issues like homelessness, human trafficking, and poverty.

The charity runs a nationwide chain of stores that sell donated goods to raise funds. Their high-street shops sell some furniture items, so it’s advisable to ring your local branch before donating a sofa to see if they can accept it. They also have two shops specialising in furniture in Luton and Glasgow which can also collect.


A charity that provides essential support for those who are deaf-blind or have sensory impairments. They employ skilled staff and volunteers to ensure that people can live full and independent lives in their communities.

Sense has over 100 charity shops that take donations and sell goods to raise funds for their work. Their larger stores can accommodate furniture, including sofa donations, but it’s best to get in touch beforehand to see if they have space.


A charity that helps people deal with poor housing conditions or homelessness through advice, support, and legal services. They offer assistance through their website, a hotline, and in person at centres across the UK.

Shelter runs shops throughout the UK that contribute to fundraising, and these rely on donations for their stock. Sofa donations are welcome, though only if space allows. They have specialist furniture stores in West Bromwich, Erdington, Motherwell, and Sunderland. Find out more here.


Sue Ryder is a charity that offers specialist palliative care through their facilities and also in patients' homes. The charity also provides advice and support for family members and loved ones.

One of the main routes of fundraising for the charity is through their charity shops, which are located up and down the country. They accept donations of all shapes and sizes, including furniture. They offer free collection for sofas, which can be arranged online. Find out more here.


YMCA is a Christian charity that focuses on helping young people to thrive in their communities. There are many branches in the UK, offering accommodation, family services, health services, training, and support for youngsters who need it.

Provided they have the space, YMCA shops accept sofas in good, clean, sellable condition. Before donating, it’s best to contact your local branch to see if they can take it or to arrange a free sofa collection.

*Affiliated with a religion: We want you to be able to make a donation that is in keeping with your beliefs and outlook, so we’ve marked the charitable causes that have religious affiliations.