Chesterfield Sofas In Ireland

Although many people in Britain might have association with chesterfield sofas due to their belief that the name of this sofa is connected with a British town called Chesterfield but the popularity of these chesterfield sofas in Ireland tells a different story. It is the classic and elegant structure of these sofas that has captured the furniture market globally. The high-class, royal and exclusive look of chesterfield with lower seats and leather upholstery with buttons make chesterfield sofas very popular among the homeowners in Ireland.

The popularity of chesterfield sofas in Ireland is due to the fact that these sofas were the first fully upholstered sofas. Usually leather is employed in the making of these sofas as it complements any home décor pretty flawlessly. These days however the chesterfield sofas are available in velvet as well. The use of wadding and horsehair in the backs and seats of chesterfield provide extreme comfort. The coiled springs along with wadding and horsehair add equal distribution of comfort in the sofa along with broader and deeper space. The presence of arms and backs of comparable heights make these sofas further comfortable and relaxing.

Another prominent and interesting feature of chesterfield style sofas is that leather or velvet based, these sofas usually have rolled arms and sewn-in—cushions. The velvet chesterfield sofas are currently very popular as velvet adds a unique and fabulous touch in any given décor. The above mentioned features make chesterfield sofas in Ireland very popular. You can find almost any color, design, pattern and style in chesterfield sofas offered in Ireland. Before you make an actual purchase, make sure that you have ample space in your home as chesterfield sofas have huge sizes and will only make an impression if placed in a good amount of space.