Chesterfield Sofas Kent

The popularity and demand of chesterfield sofas in Kent is undoubtedly boosting these days. The idea of incorporating this luxurious and beautiful item comes to one mind when a person intends to buy a new sofa or replace the existing one. The charm of chesterfield sofas is due to its magnicient style and long lasting durability which evokes the feeling of royalty. Although the market offers different types of chesterfield sofas in Kent but there are many vendors selling fake chesterfield couches. Therefore make sure that you purchase carefully.

Here are some of the features and guidelines which can help you buy authentic chesterfield sofas in Kent. Make sure that the arms and back of a chesterfield sofa is same as this feature hasn’t diminished since the origin of this sofa. The authentic chesterfield sofa is tufted with 3 layers of high quality horsehair padding. Another distinguishing factor of chesterfield sofas is that their leather would be very supple and soft. The leather in real sofa is usually made of aniline which can be dyed as well. The authenticity can be identified as only the pelt of superior quality leather can be dyed.

The feet of these sofas are bun shaped and are manufactured of solid wood. The frame of a chesterfield sofa is made from solid wood but in dry form. The back and arm of authentic chesterfield sofa are rolled tufted with leather and are generously buttoned. The label of authenticity is normally stitched beneath the sofa and a guarantee car of 2 years is provided when you purchase the chesterfield sofa.

After checking all these features of this sofa, you can knock out all other fake chesterfield sofas by owning the real one. Keep these guidelines in your mind before you make a purchase.