How Do I Clean my Leather Sofa?

How Do I Clean my Leather Sofa

You’ve purchased your dream leather sofa (from Designer Sofas4U, of course!) and now you’re wondering how to keep it clean, fresh and hygienic.

Don’t worry, as in this expert guide, we run through some of the easiest and most efficient ways of keeping your leather sofa clean and share some of our cleaning hacks to make sure your settee stays in tip-top condition for years to come.

What You’ll Need:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Bowl or spray bottle
  • Leather cleaner/saddle soap or white vinegar
  • Leather conditioner
  • Water at room temperature

Remove All Loose Dirt

First up, you’ll need to remove any excess dirt or dust. Remove all removable cushions and seats and pick up any large debris such as coins or wrapped.

Next, use your vacuum cleaners soft brush attachment, if it has one, and vacuum all the nooks, corners and crannies to ensure as much loose dirt has been removed as possible. If you have a crevice tool, be sure to use this next as it will get into any hard-to-reach corners.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, use a small dustpan and brush and follow up with dry microfibre cloth and make sure you pick up as much as you can.

Create your Cleaner

Combine equal parts white vinegar and water in a bowl or in a spray bottle. White vinegar is a fantastic natural cleaning product but it does need to be diluted before it can be used, so it’s important to mix it with water to provide best results.

Where possible, use distilled water as part of the solution as tap water can contain varying chemicals that can be damaging to leather.

You can also buy specialist leather cleaner or saddle soap which can be used on sofas. Be sure to read your manufacturer guidelines and the furniture tag as some specialist cleaners can darken the leather.

If using a cloth, it’s fine to use a damp cloth – but ensure it’s only damp and not wet through as this can also leave water marks on the sofa.

Always Test!

Always be sure to test the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the couch which isn’t highly visible.

Either spray your spray bottle onto a dry cloth, or dip a cloth into the solution and wring it out.

Apply a small amount onto the sofa, gently dab to remove any marks and allow it to dry naturally. Check for any discolouration or marking and if all looks well, you’ll be able to repeat across the entire sofa.

If discolouration occurs, then it’s wise to call a professional leather or upholstery cleaner to clean it professionally for you.

Begin the Clean

If using saddle soap, slide it across your damp cloth and clean the entire sofa. If using leather cleaner, add a small amount to your damp cloth and, again, rub the cloth into the sofa.

For those using vinegar and water, spray onto the damp cloth and begin to clean any arms, sides, and seats – remembering to thoroughly clean the entire sofa.

Rub the cloth firmly into the sofa – and remember to get into all the hard-to-get areas. Rinse the cloth in the cleaning solution as and when you need to.

Dry the Sofa Out

Once finished, grab a dry microfibre cloth and buff the sofa out for a sparkling polish. Do not use any hot air to dry the sofa, such as hairdryers, as this will dehydrate the leather and damage it, causing wrinkling.

Apply Conditioner

Leather conditioner works to keep the leather conditioned and in the best condition for years to come. Easy to buy from any local hardware shop, the leather conditioner only needs to be used every six months or so.

Simply apply according to the instructions on the label to keep your leather couch moisturised and supple.

Helpful tip: Always ask your sofa retailer for their aftercare advice and/or sofa cleaning guides. A reputable retailer will give you helpful and impartial instructions on how to clean and care for your sofa. At Designer Sofas4U, we pride ourselves on giving thorough and comprehensive advice throughout purchase and beyond. We are offering a leather kit for complete peace of mind: https://­www.­desig­ner­sofas4u.­co.­uk/­leather-care-kit-2

How do you clean your leather sofa? Do you have any tips or tricks you know that we haven’t featured here? Be sure to get in touch on Facebook and let us know!