Why you Should Shop Online for a New Sofa

Why you Should Shop Online for a New Sofa

Shopping for furniture is no longer limited to brick-and-mortar stores. With the rise of online shopping, you can now browse and purchase furniture from the comfort of your own home.

So, why is shopping online for a new sofa better than shopping in an actual store?


Shopping for a sofa online is incredibly convenient. You don't have to leave your house, deal with traffic, or fight for parking. Instead, you can browse online stores at your own pace and take your time selecting the perfect sofa. Online stores are open 24/7, so you can shop whenever it is convenient for you.


Online stores offer a much wider selection of sofas than physical stores. You can browse sofas from all over the world, from different manufacturers and in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours. This makes it easier to find a sofa that matches your style and budget.

Better Prices

Online stores often offer better prices than physical stores. This is because online stores have lower overhead costs, which means they can pass the savings on to their customers. You can compare prices from different online stores and find the best deal for the sofa you want.

Easy to Compare

When shopping for a sofa online, it is easy to compare different options. You can compare prices, styles, sizes, and features of different sofas side by side. You can also read reviews from other

customers who have purchased the same sofa. This makes it easier to make an informed decision and ensures that you get a sofa that meets your needs.


Some online stores offer customisation options for sofas. You can choose the colour, fabric, and even the size of the sofa to meet your specific needs. This level of customization is not always available at physical stores.

Did you know that here at Designer Sofas 4U, we offer a bespoke service meaning you can choose your dream sofa and we’ll handcraft it to your exact specifications? This means that you choose everything you need from your sofa, this includes:

  • The Style – Chesterfield, Italian Leather – you name it, we can make it!
  • The Size – Corner sofas, 2-seater sofas, or suites
  • The Colour – We’ve got thousands of fabric and leather swatches to choose from so you can envisage your exact colour and fabric in your own home
  • The Fabric – Leather, velvet, fabric
  • The Finish – Down to the last detail including buttons, cushion filling and even the legs Contact us today to enquire about your bespoke furniture service.

Easy Delivery

Online stores offer easy delivery options for sofas. You don't have to worry about how to transport a large and heavy sofa from the store to your home. Instead, the sofa will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Some online stores even offer free delivery, which can save you money.

Here at Designer Sofas 4U, we’re proud to offer a fast delivery service on some of our items meaning you can receive them in as little as two days! No long waits for your dream sofa, simply click to order, and get it in no time at all. Shop here for our range of fast delivery sofas.

Shopping for a sofa online offers many benefits, including convenience, a wider selection, better prices, easy comparison, customisation, and easy delivery. If you're in the market for a new sofa, consider shopping online to find the perfect one for your home.