Choosing the Perfect Sofa Colour: Tips for Finding the Right Shade


Choosing a sofa colour can be a daunting task. It's a big investment, and you want to make sure that the colour you choose is both stylish and functional.

Before looking at sofa colours, and styles, consider how different colours can evoke different emotions and ask yourself a number of questions:

Are you daring or traditional? Do you get bored easily and are likely to redecorate your living space in the next few years? Do you plan on moving to a smaller or larger space?

All of these questions can determine the fundamentals of the sofa colour – whether it’s to be bright, or neutral which can then help you move on to the style of sofa you require; Chesterfield, leather, vintage, infinity and more.

Here at Designer Sofas 4U, we know a thing or two about sofa colours so we’ve put together some tips on how to choose a sofa colour that will complement your decor and suit your lifestyle.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Before choosing a colour, think about how you use your living space. Do you have young children or pets? Do you frequently host guests? If so, you may want to consider a darker colour that is more forgiving of spills and stains. If you have a more formal living space, a lighter or brighter colour may be a better fit.

Look at Your Existing Decor

Take a look at the colours and patterns that already exist in your living space. Choose a sofa colour that complements or contrasts with these colours in a way that adds visual interest to the room. If your decor is neutral, a bright or bold sofa colour can add a pop of colour and personality to the space.

Consider Trends and Seasonality

Sofas are a big investment, so it's important to choose a colour that won't go out of style too quickly. However, it's also important to consider trends and seasonality. A neutral sofa colour is timeless, but a bold or bright colour may be more appropriate for a summer or spring refresh.

Think About Lighting

Lighting can have a big impact on how a colour appears in a room. Consider the natural and artificial light sources in your living space when choosing a sofa colour. A dark colour may appear even darker in a room with limited natural light, while a bright colour may appear washed out in a room with lots of natural light.

Test Your Colour Choices

Finally, don't be afraid to test out different colour options before making a decision. Here at Designer Sofas 4U, we offer free fabric swatches that you can take home to see how the colour will look in your living space. You can also create a mood board or use online design tools to help visualise different colour options in your space.

Choosing a sofa colour is an important decision that requires careful consideration. By thinking about your lifestyle, existing decor, trends, lighting, and testing your options, you can choose a sofa colour that will be both stylish and functional for years to come.