History of Chsterfield Sofas

The classic and elegant chesterfield sofa has been a central and integral part of interior design for hundreds of years. But one does come to think of its origin and its evolution. The history of chesterfield sofas in terms of its origin is debatable and varies. However a common belief about its origin is that chesterfield sofa was originally named after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope.

Throughout the history of Chesterfield sofas, it has represented different things to different people. The chesterfield sofas became integral part of furniture during the Victorian era. The classic image of a vintage study filled with men smoking expansive cigars as they sit on the chesterfield sofas is one such common historical notion. Ladies in that era used to do ladylike ventures such as needlework on the beautiful and relaxing chesterfield sofas.

The history of chesterfield sofas is expansive. The earliest or vintage chesterfield sofas were way different from the modern chesterfield sofas. The earlier chesterfield sofas were raised on mahogany legs, had a drop arm and were usually fabric upholstered instead of leather. Today, you can even find the Victorian chesterfield sofas although they are substantially different in structure to the modern chesterfield sofas. The original chesterfields were coil spring. They were tired in place with strings with a layer of horse, coconut and hessian hair. To distribute the weight equally, the coil spring runs vertically from the floor upward.

In 20th century, the chesterfield sofas became synonymous with British craftsmanship. It has gained a lot of popularity across the globe and has become a design icon. The robustness and quality of its structure are the two main attributes for its being a highly sought after sofa. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the chesterfield sofas were commonly found in gentlemen’s clubs and the military officers mess.

However by the end of 20th century, Chesterfield sofa lost its exclusiveness in terms of it being an item found only in stately buildings and houses. With the modern manufacturing methods, chesterfield sofas are now available at extremely affordable prices.