Origin of Chesterfield Sofas

Choosing a best sofa is a difficult task as there are so many options available in the market which is enough to confuse a person. A sofa should be a prized possession in any home. That’s why many people choose chesterfield sofa for their living rooms. There are different believes when it comes to the origin of chesterfield sofas. Some date it back to the time when sofa was described as Chesterfield in certain parts of Canada and America. Some relate it to Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl who was honored for designing fine piece of furniture such as leather sofa.

Many believe that the term Chesterfield sofa was derived from the shape of the sofa back, style of buttoning the leather and height of the seat. There are different myths about the origin of chesterfield sofas but one thing is common and proven that these sofas are now very popular in current market. The chesterfield sofa has represented gentlemen in ambition and position. The chesterfield since its origin has been a visual representation of several things to many different people. The Victorian era used to associate chesterfield sofas in a place where gentlemen relaxed and their wives knitted.

In the 19th century, the chesterfield sofa was associated with Sigmund Freud as he was popular for sitting on chesterfield sofas during hypnosis sessions. Since origin of chesterfield sofas it has expressed different ideas and in the modern times, it is found in almost every prominent business office, restaurant, hotels and private homes. The chesterfield sofas offer perfect blend of sophistication and comfort no matter wherever it is placed. Since the chesterfield sofas have become so popular, the modern manufacturing processes have successfully created and designed these sofas in various colors and sizes. You can now find any color, style and design in chesterfield sofas for your home