The Perfect Furniture Items – for Christmas and Beyond!

Well, we’re truly in the Christmas spirit here at Designer Sofas 4U and you already know we’ve got a wonderful array of furniture pieces – from modern to classic, from wool to patchwork sofas, from Chesterfields to Italian leather – and everything in between!

When we think of Christmas and all of its connotations, it’s not all red, green and white. We’re thinking homely, cosy items that are sure to make an impact in any range of living rooms, but also designed to help you celebrate or spend time with friends and family, whether it’s over a celebration, or just a homely Saturday night spent in!

In the run-up to the festive period (and just because we love this time of year so much), we’ve decided to run through some of our favourite items from the collections which will make your home feel cosy and Christmassy in no time at all – but pieces that will also last through 2022.

Red Leather Chesterfield

Chesterfield Red Leather England Sofabed UK Manufactured

OK, so first up is something red. We just couldn’t resist! This gorgeous red leather Chesterfield sofabed is perfect for a range of occasions:

  • The World Cup whilst supporting England!
  • Christmas (obviously!)
  • Family and friends staying over
  • Guest bedroom seating

It’s available in 2-seater, 2.5-seater and 3-seater options meaning it can be as cosy or as large as you like to fit the family and the sumptuous leather is crafted from only the finest, authentic, genuine leather which has been treated to ensure it’s perfect for years to come. Turn this sofa into a bed in a matter of minutes with its simple pull-out mechanism and enjoy its bright shade – which looks right at home in any living room design; from clean, and minimalistic, to cottage-esque.

Agata Green Swivel Tub Chair

Agata Green Velvet Tub Style Swivel Chair

Perfect for dining rooms, nooks, or living spaces, this Agata Green Velvet Swivel Chair brings a touch of luxury to any space. Designed with comfort and style in mind, the tub style swivel chair features foam padding and is upholstered in stunning green velvet, it’s sure to make an impact in any space and its swivel design means its comfy yet practical.

Perfect for adding a touch of jewel-inspired class and elegance to the space, it is also available in a stunning blue. Whether you’re napping off the Christmas dinner, taking a much-earned reading break or simply enjoying the view out of the window looking out over the snow, it’s a real eye-catching piece and one that is sure to turn heads well into 2023.

Chesterfield Gleneagles Snuggler 2-Seater

Chesterfield Gleneagles Snuggler Sofa Malham Taupe Wool

A beautiful handmade snuggler 2-seater, the Chesterfield Gleneagles Snuggler in Malham Wool is perfect for cuddling up with a loved one on Christmas morning. Crafted from a sumptuous, premium wool in an attractive Malham Line design, the Chesterfield Gleneagles is a classic and well designed sofa beautifully upholstered and crafted to the highest specification.

Perfect for country homes, classic interiors and clean, white spaces, it offers a point of difference in any décor whilst being roomy enough for two!

A truly stunning example of a snuggler, this classic checked wool style is sure to be huge through 2023 and it’s versatile enough to dress up or down across any décor and any living room style.

To find out more about these, or any other items across our ranges, be sure to contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your décor – for Christmas and beyond!