Get modular Sofas for Narrow Stairs and other passageways

When buying sofas for your home, there are many factors which need to be considered including colour, material, design, use and size.

When it comes to size, not only the size of the room should be taken into consideration but the size of doors, stairs and other entrances, too.


You may choose the perfect brand new 7-seater Chesterfield corner suite however if you can’t get it through your front door or up your narrow stairs, you’re definitely going to have a problem.

Many of us live in small homes or have homes with small rooms and narrow stairs, so it’s incredibly important to measure any access points before ordering your sofa. Do you want some advice on how to make your small home look bigger? Be sure to read our post here.

If it’s impossible to get a large sofa or a corner sofa into your home or up any stairs, then it’s wise to consider a modular sofa which are not only affordable but can be taken apart in pieces to ensure easy access and assembly once inside the home.

Modular, or sectional, sofas are made up of number of individual pieces that can be held together in a variety of shapes meaning you can easily transform a room just by simply rearranging the sofa – perfect for homes where you want to update it regularly.

Also, modular sofas have pieces which you can buy separately meaning you can adapt or add on to what you already have as time goes on i.e. to create a corner sofa for example.


Modular sofas are not only easy to move around but they can also fit around your budget with ease. By working out your budget and saving more money each month you can easily buy the various parts separately as time goes on. So, though you may only have a two seater to begin with, you can add the corresponding pieces until you have a three seat, a four seater and even eventually a corner suite – which are all easily moveable around a narrow stairway or passageway.

So, what are the benefits?

Well, firstly you can have total control over exactly how you want the sofa to look. The easily interchangeable pieces mean that by adding and adapting the pieces, you can create a totally new look in your living space at a fraction of the cost.

Next, if you ever decide to move you can take your sofa with you! By choosing whether you want a right handed or left handed corner, if you were ever to change the placement of the sofa, or if you added it to a different room or home it would still fit perfectly well into any living space.

Finally, sectional sofas are super comfy. Whether you want to sit up, lie down, stretch out, curl up –  you can do it all on a modular sofa and the modules can easily be swapped and changed according to your preference that day. What’s not to love?

sofas in passageways

If you’re looking for help and advice on choosing a sofa for narrow areas, stairways or passageways then be sure to get in touch with us. Did you know, we can also create made-to-order, bespoke sofas according to your exact size requirements so if you’re struggling with narrow spaces we can still help you to create the sofa of your dreams?

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