Get modular Sofas for Narrow Stairs and other passageways

When buying sofas for home, there are many factors to be considered including color, material, design, use and size. When it comes to size, not only the size of the room should be taken into consideration but the size of doors, stairs and other entrances must be considered too. No matter how stylish or large your sofa is, it will definitely create problems by getting stuck in the narrow stairs and other doors. So if your house has narrow stairs and you are looking for sofas that can easily go up the stairs then get modular sofas for narrow stairs. 

Modular sofas are not only easy to move around but can also fit into your budget easily. Modular sofas usually come in three components, a seat unit, an arm unit and a corner unit. Work out your budget and you can buy different units each month separately. You can start from single unit and later convert it into 2 seater settee or three seat sofa by adding another seat unit. You can also convert the modular sofa into a 4 seater sofa by buying a corner module which is also easily movable through the narrow stair case. 

The modular sofas for narrow stairs are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. Having narrow stairs doesn’t mean that you cannot own a large sofa. Modular sofa can be extended by adding extra modular units to achieve any size. You can also easily arrange your sofa in a different shape. You can also convert modular sofa from L shape into a U shaped couch by adding another corner seat or corner unit. You also have the flexibility of splitting modular sofa into two separate sofas. Modular sofas for narrow stairs not only can solve the problem of getting stuck in the midway but also offers more customization.