Modular and sectional sofas that come apart

Modern sofas not only offer style but comfort and relaxation in terms of their design and arrangement. Traditional sofas no wonder are sturdier and much more formal but they are a bit too boring as they offer no flexibility in terms of repositioning them. However this formal seating has now been taken over by the contemporary and elegant sofas that come apart including modular and sectional.

A sectional sofa is a large sofa which is why it is built in sections. Sectional sofas that come apart if constructed as single unit would be difficult to transport. By constructing the sectional sofas in several halves, it can easily be maneuvered on a particular site. The additional individual parts of the larger sectional sofas can later be attached to form the sofa. The majority of sectional sofas usually have one possible configuration. They cannot be arranged into different shapes and do not offer any room for adding further units in order to form an alternative configuration. The sectional sofas are ideal for homes with small entrances and narrow stairs. As the sectional sofas can be moved easily in sections, it can be easier to move them around the house.

Modular sofas are also the sofas that come apart and allow the user the construct a sofa of any shape and size by connecting a series of several different modules together. The simplest form of modular sofa would consist of 2 different modules including one seat unit with a seat and a back with no arms along with a second corner arm unit. You can further expand this sofa by linking an arm, corner module, a seat module and another arm-corner module to configure a 3 seat sofa. With such arrangements, you can have a beautiful and comfortable sofa that can seat any number of people as required.