History of Leather Sofas

The history of leather sofas traces back to late-twentieth and early twenty first centuries and serves bith style and comfort. The leather sofas generally provide space for two to three people and have armrests, sometimes accompanied by pillows. The common arrangement of leather sofas includes two end tables with a coffee table at front. Leather sofas are made from cushions that are sewn over with sheets of suede or leather.

The history of leather sofas tells that they were usually found in the throne of an Arabian rule during the Age of Antiquity. During this time, the leather sofas were usually found in the home of elitists. The wealthier men in Ancient Roman used the leather sofas for lounging back while the women rested in other chairs. It was the industrial revolution in the late 19th century that leather sofas were introduced in lower and middle class homes. The comfort of leather sofas was no longer exclusive to the upper-class.

Since then, the leather sofas have become integral in almost all homes. The leather sofas become central part of family life such as at social gatherings, parties and TV time. The leather sofa became a trend during the 1960s and became an in-thing. With the style revolution in the 970s, the trend of seating became much more contemporary. With the funky furniture styles, the leather sofas also took shape of innovative and contemporary styles such as lava lamps and beanbags. These days leather sofas are very popular and common due to their style and comfort. They have become statement of style for every home and are also being incorporated in offices as well. You may usually see leather sofas in doctor’s office as well because of their low maintenance cost and resistance against normal wear and tear. The history of leather sofas confirms that they are here to stay!